39th ABA General Meeting and Conference

November 9-10, 2023The Soaltee Hotel Kathmandu, Nepal
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About the Conference

This year's 39th ABA General Meeting and Conference of the Asian Bankers Association (ABA) is scheduled to take place on November 9-10, 2023 in Kathmandu, Nepal, which will be hosted by the Nepal Bankers’ Association (NBA). This annual conference is doubly significant since not only is it the first face-to-face gathering that ABA members will have since the onset of the pandemic in early 2020, but it will also be the first time that the ABA will be holding its Annual Conference in Nepal.

Nepal is a landlocked country situated in South Asia. It is bordered by China to the north and India to the east, west and south. Nepal is home to diverse landscapes ranging from the breathtaking peaks of the Himalayas to the fertile plains of the Terai region. Nepal holds a significant place in the world as it is home to Mount Everest, the highest peak on Earth, attracting mountaineers and adventurers from around the globe. Nepal is also known as the birth place of Buddha and the country is renowned for its ancient cities, temples, and monasteries, including Kathmandu, the capital city, which is a vibrant hub of art, architecture, and spirituality. Its incredible biodiversity and natural beauty stunning landscapes, and cultural treasures make it an enchanting destination for travelers.

The two-day event is designed to provide another valuable platform for ABA members to meet and network with each other, as well as to exchange views with invited experts on: (a) current trends and developments in the regional and global markets that are expected to have a significant impact on the banking and financial sector of the region, and (b) how industry players can address the challenges - and take full advantage of the opportunities - presented by these developments.

The theme of this year’s Conference is


and will address the following topics:

Global Market Trends

Shaping the Future
of Banking.

Digital Transformation:

Enabling Digital Trust
& Adoption of AI.

ESG Banking Strategy:

Integrating Policy,
Principle & Profit.

CEO Forum:

Managing in Uncertainty
& Changing Environment.

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The event will feature a lineup of esteemed speakers who are leaders in their respective fields. Prepare to be enlightened and inspired as these distinguished experts share their knowledge, expertise, and unique perspectives. Stay updated to discover the incredible speakers who will be joining us.


  • Day 01

    9 November, 2023

  • Day 02

    10 November, 2023

  • Day 03

    11 November, 2023



09:00 -09:30

Official Welcome

09:30 - 12:00

Special Session on
“Connecting and Exploring Opportunities with ABA”

Brief country presentations by selected ABA member banks on the economy and the financial markets in their respective countries, or on special programs, projects, products or services that have benefited their customer base or the community they serve and may be adapted by member banks from other countries.

12:15 -14:00


14:15 -15:30

Host Bank Session organized by Nepal Bankers' Association

15:30 -18:00

B2B / Networking Session

15:30 -16:30

ABA Policy Advocacy Committee Meeting

14:30 -15:30

ABA Advisory Council Meeting

(Open only to members of the ABA Advisory Council)

15:30 -16:15

Election Committee Meeting

(Open only to members of the ABA Election Committee)

16:30 – 18:00

61st ABA Board of Directors’ Meeting

18:30 – 21:30

Welcome Cocktails/Dinner


A combination of well-established forces and recent developments is reshaping banking. The global economy is becoming increasingly digitalised, and some of the emerging technologies have the potential to be truly transformative, even as they pose new challenges. At the same time, fintech innovators have emerged into the scene, equipped with capital and chasing scale ahead of financial returns, while new consumer trends continue to re-shape the evolving role of banks. Industry leaders recognize they need to accelerate change—not only to compete but to find new paths to growth – as they see the importance of developing and improving the resilience of the banking system. The Conference this year aims to provide ABA members the opportunity to discuss and exchange views on how various emerging challenges and trends they are facing today are coming together to influence the future of banking.



09:00 – 09:40

Opening Ceremony

09:45 -10:00

Coffee Break

09:45 -10:30

Press Conference

10:00 -11:00

Plenary Session 1:
Global Market Trends Shaping the Future of Banking

This session will examine the macroeconomic trends impacting the banking system and its future development. Invited speakers will share their perspectives on how to leverage on banking disruptors, the need for developing the right talent for the current market environment, the challenges posed by geopolitical risks, the impact of inflation and how rising interest rates are catalyzing product innovation, the renewed focus on branches, the new world of possibilities opened up by metaverse, the growing demand for the right talents in the banking sector, and emerging risks particularly in the wake of bank closures in the West.

11:00 – 12:00

Plenary Session 2:
Digital Transformation: Enabling Digital Trust and Adoption of AI

Digital technologies are driving innovation and change in the banking industry, which is undergoing significant transformation. Mobile banking, artificial intelligence and chatbots, open banking, and cryptocurrency are just a few of the digital banking trends reshaping the industry. As digital banking grows in popularity, cybersecurity will become even more important. To protect customer data and prevent cyberattacks, banks will need to invest in advanced cybersecurity measures. For instance, to identify and prevent fraud, advanced technologies, such as biometric authentication, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, will be used. This session will examine the need for banks to implement digital trust to prevent customer account takeover and credential thefts and how they can gain customer confidence with convenient digital trust solutions and services.

12:00 -13:30


13:30 -14:30

Plenary Session 3:
ESG Banking Strategy: Integrating Policy, Principle and Profit

As the world grapples with environmental and social challenges such as climate change, social inequality, and governance failures, the importance of ESG considerations has never been more apparent. For banks, ESG is becoming an increasingly important aspect of doing business, as it can help manage risks, enhance reputation, meet regulatory requirements, drive innovation and increase access to capital. This session will explore the key trends currently driving ESG, how a forward-looking ESG data and technology road map can help banks get ahead of growing regulatory and consumer demands, how banks that prioritize ESG are likely to be better positioned for longterm success as they can help to create a more sustainable and equitable future for all stakeholders.

14:30 -15:30

Plenary Session 4:
CEO Forum: Managing in Uncertainty and a Changing Environment

The business landscape is becoming more unpredictable than ever due to economic slowdown or disruptions, increasing competition, technological advancements, trade tensions, environmental concerns, political unrest, and social change. Many business leaders agree that it is a tough time to be leading any business right now — including banking. To stand a chance of survival and achieve sustainable profits, they recognize that it is important for companies to prepare for uncertainty. This session will invite CEOs who will share their valuable perspectives on the different kinds of uncertainty a business might face and how to adapt to and overcome the challenges.

15:30 -16:00

39th ABA General Meeting Proper

16:00 -18:00

B2B / Networking Session

16:15 -16:45

62nd ABA Board of Directors’ Meeting: Part One

16:45 -18:00

62nd ABA Board of Directors’ Meeting: Part Two

18:30 Onwards

Farewell Dinner


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